Is Your Life Complete?

August 15, 2014

A question to ask yourself today, “Am I complete in Christ?”  People ask me all the time how I’m so happy all the time. They ask me how I have such a great marriage. They want to know why I can get along with literally anyone. The answer is simple. I am 100% complete in Christ. Everything, and I mean everything, I’ll ever need is found in Jesus Christ. The world can’t tell you that. It doesn’t sell books, it doesn’t make the movies, it doesn’t sound romantic. I was complete before I met my wife. I was complete before I landed my job. I was complete before I went to college. The list goes on and on. Now the time is getting closer and closer for me to be a father and guess what…I’m complete before I ever hold my child.

So what does all this mean? It means I have a good marriage because I’m not counting on my wife to fill a gap she can’t fill. It means I’ll be happy when the child keeps me up all night because Christ is the reason for my happiness. It means no matter how others treat me I will continue to always see the good in them because Christ saw the good in me.

I want to challenge you today. Go against society. Don’t listen to those around you when this world tells you a girlfriend, a wife, money, education, fame, friends, hobbies, etc will complete you. They won’t! Jesus and Jesus alone is the only thing that will bring you 100% complete happiness. Sure we’re going to have bad days and days we just don’t have the same sense of happiness as we should. But the difference is our joy is never shaken. Our hope always remains.

Surrender completely to Christ and I can tell you from firsthand experience, THAT is where you find the person you’ve always hoped to be. 


How Do You View Yourself?

July 3, 2014
This question might seem easy to answer at first glance. Once your really dive into this question it forces you to see things at a deeper level. Check out this video as I go over looking at ourselves closer in order to treat others better and have a different perspective of our Heavenly Father. God bless!

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Did Jesus Really Claim to be God?

June 4, 2014
I hear this question asked often. Many people have said that Jesus only claims to be God in the book of John. They say in Matthew, Mark and Luke he simply is considered a prophet. This couldn't be further from the truth. Check out my pastor's blog post about this topic so if you ever hear this question proposed to an audience, you can easily defend who Christ really was. (Even though he in no way needs defended because He's the Creator of us all!)
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Great Speakers Make Us Better

April 24, 2014
One of the things I highly recommend is to find great speakers to motivate, encourage and challenge you. People like Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler, and Les Brown to name a few have had a huge impact on my attitude and my professional and personal life. Here's a great seminar by Les Brown as an example.

God bless!
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Can hate mail be a good thing?

April 8, 2014

I've told my wife often that the biggest scare I have with my online ministry is getting into a habit of just witnessing and nurturing the Christ followers. Don't get me wrong, my personality is to encourage and there is nothing I love more than to lift up and brighten someone's day. Having that been said, I want to always be aware of the lost and dying world out there and I never want to be so inner circle focused that I lose site of my task to daily win others to Christ and his love for the...

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Using Downtime Wisely

April 3, 2014
Some of the best advice I can give is learn to use downtime to grow as an individual. Not only can you use downtime to grow spiritually but intellectually as well. I have made a habit to keep a notebook/journal with me in my car so times like yesterday when I waited 2 hours for an oil change, I can prepare and grow.

The Bible says we are to number our days and count every moment. We need to constantly be working to make a better YOU.  A more attractive you is better for those around you and b...
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Bible Reading Plan

April 1, 2014
There's not much better use of our time than in God's word studying His truths. Join my wife and I in the month of April and May as we study the book of James, Matthew and Romans.

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Speaking at TNT Event in Coward, SC

March 21, 2014
Last night I had the opportunity to speak for the TNT Event at Coward Baptist Church in Coward, SC. It was a great blessing getting to meet people who previously I only knew online. I spoke on
3 Practices for Everyday Spiritual Growth:
1. Take What You Have, Where you Are, Do what you can.
2. Welcome the Disciplines.
  • Reading the Bible
  • Time in Prayer
  • Choosing Your Friends Wisely
  • Keeping a Spiritual Journal
3. Do for ONE what you wish you could do for EVERYONE.

I really appreciate the kindness and gene...

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Does God Want You Happy?

March 19, 2014

The quick answer to this question is a simple Yes. The problem comes when the wrong things make us happy. We live in a society that places such a high value on wealth, fame, status, weather, health, entertainment, etc. This is NOT the way God designed us. We have let the distractions of this world take over in our lives and now we ultimately treasure the wrongs things.

Do you know you have EVERYTHING you need in Christ? Think about that for a minute. We don't have a lot in Christ, we don't jus...

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Seek First...

March 18, 2014

Over the past few weeks I have had the verse from Matthew 6 stuck in my head. "Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven"

Seek means, to go in search or quest try to find or discover.

This is what God wants for us to do with our lives. Simply, SEEK him. 

The next part of the verse uses the word "first." God doesn't want our leftovers. As creator of the world, he gave us so many wonderful things here on Earth. Beautiful Nature Scenes, attractive people and friendships, a mind that is able to obta...

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