The quick answer to this question is a simple Yes. The problem comes when the wrong things make us happy. We live in a society that places such a high value on wealth, fame, status, weather, health, entertainment, etc. This is NOT the way God designed us. We have let the distractions of this world take over in our lives and now we ultimately treasure the wrongs things.

Do you know you have EVERYTHING you need in Christ? Think about that for a minute. We don't have a lot in Christ, we don't just have a block checked that gets us in Heaven for eternity, we have EVERYTHING! This is what should wake us up each day with true joy in our hearts and a zest for each day. 

You've probably heard the acronym for JOY is, "Jesus, Others, Yourself" There is so much truth in this if we can learn to live this way. Look at the early disciples in Acts 5 who were out telling others about Jesus and planting churches. Paul says in verse 41, that they "left the high council rejoicing that God counted them worthy to suffer for Christ's sake"

Think about that verse. The early followers had so much love and joy in their hearts, that even while getting flogged they were singing and praising the Lord. Even when getting thrown in prison, they ministered to the prisoners and prison guards and kept their faith and joy. 

Think about your life today? Are you someone who is TRULY happy? Remember, life is not about the things that society tells you it is. We are here to honor and serve God and if we will keep this our aim and focus, true happiness is sure to follow!

God bless!