I can't emphasize this enough. If you can't lay in bed at night and quote many (let's say over 30) scripture in your head then something needs to change. Yes, i'm calling us christians out! There's no excuse when we can name every NFL player or ever reality TV show that airs on TV but we can't easily quote God's word. The Bible tells us to "hide the word in our heart that we might not sin against God."
This is vital. It's not an option, it's a command. 

Let's make a plan today to pick some scripture and memorize it. Let's go over and over it until it's burnt into our memory for life.  I can tell you from my experience, there have been many trying times in my life when I've been going through something stressful or that needed tough decisions answered and having that memory bank of scripture has paid off big time!

I love ya and I write this because i care for you and your spiritual walk. I want us all to grow in Christ together each and every day.