Over the past few weeks I have had the verse from Matthew 6 stuck in my head. "Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven"

Seek means, to go in search or quest of....to try to find or discover.

This is what God wants for us to do with our lives. Simply, SEEK him. 

The next part of the verse uses the word "first." God doesn't want our leftovers. As creator of the world, he gave us so many wonderful things here on Earth. Beautiful Nature Scenes, attractive people and friendships, a mind that is able to obtain more and more knowledge, and the list goes on and on. All of these things are great and God wants them to be a part of our life. The problem is, we pursue and "seek" these things first and as a result give God only what is left.

Choose today you are going to "Seek First the Kingdom of Heaven" True peace and joy in this lifetime come when we do just that. 

I recommend having a short daily devotional time that you practice each morning when you wake. I personally read the daily devotional on the intouch.org website and blackaby.net

Whatever method or schedule works best for you, make it a practice to each day take time to "Seek first the Kingdom of God" The great thing is, God loves you so much that he promises in the next part of that verse to add the true things you need to your life.

Praise God today and choose to make him the top priority in your life!
God bless!