Acoustic Selection

To say THANK YOU for your past generosity, I want to give you exclusively 20% off any product I currently have for sale. I pray God will bless you for you kind giving.  

Praise in 10 Days Beginner DVD Bundle Pack

$ 16 USD

The 2 DVD's by Matt McCoy (Guitar and Piano) that have taught thousands across the world how to play their favorite songs on piano and guitar. 

Praise in 10 Days Beginner Piano DVD

$ 12 USD

The Beginner Piano DVD by Matt McCoy that will take someone who has never played the piano or keyboard to instantly playing songs. 

Praise in 10 Days Beginner Guitar DVD

$ 12 USD

The Beginner Guitar DVD by Matt McCoy that teaches someone who knows little to nothing about music, how to play their favorite songs. 

Acoustic Selection T-Shirt

$ 16 USD

The original Acoustic Selection T-shirt. Next Level apparell teams with Acoustic Selection to provide the softest shirt in town. 

*Please List Your size needed when ordering. 

Women's Acoustic Selection T-shirt

$ 16 USD

Acoustic Selection teams with Next Level Apparell for the orginal women's tshirt. 

*Please list size needed when ordering. 

Instant Guitar and Piano DVD Video Links

$ 10 USD

This is the digital download for both the Piano and Guitar DVD.  Once purchased I will email out the link with username and password to begin lessons immediately.