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My Story 

Have you ever wanted to take something small to you and make an impact on the kingdom of God? This is what I had in mind when I started my YouTube ministry.  I never claim to be great at guitar or piano. I simply asked God to use the gift I have of teaching and encouraging others.  I wanted to some way reach people all over the world with the message that Jesus loves them.

I quickly found that dedicating my time to teaching others music is a great way to reach many people groups. Today, having over 155,000 subscribers and 50 million viewers, I am astonished that God has used me like He has. I guess I'll never fully understand why until one day when I am in Heaven. Until then, I pray I can stay faithful pointing people to Jesus. That's what it's all about. That's our purpose and I truly feel that is where we find true Joy. 


Hi Matt, thanks to you I can play piano. I am so happy!


Hi Matt, I am from Montreal, Canada and I am 13 years old. I just wanted to tell you about the influence your videos have had on my spiritual life. I've taken my minimal musical knowledge and grown to praise and worship the Lord. I play piano, guitar drums, recorder and I have tons of fun doing it. I just wanted to say thanks. Also, my cousin who is also thirteen has recently accepted Christ and she has been led to play piano. I play guitar and she plays piano. Recently, my younger brother who is ten has decided to take up drumming lessons and is rocking out worship songs on his drum kit and my young cousin, who also is ten,sings for the glory of God. I just want to say that your ministry has been a huge part of mine and my band's personal relationships with the Lord. I just wanted to say Thank You!!!


Hi, Wow! I just wanna say, thank you sooooo much for this awesome website!!!!!! I lead our worship bands at school and run and I started our own school ministries at school.. So, these songs and tutorials are soooo AWESOME!!!! I also just started teaching myself how to play the guitar!!! soo IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!! GODDDDD BLESSSSSS YYOOOUUU!!! 


Matt I am so thankful for this ministry that you have, it blesses me so much. With your channels help I can now play guitar very well and use it to praise God. I know I would be no where close to where I am at now with guitar without you, thank you so much!!

Ever since i set sight on your videos, i can't described how much they have helped in making me know that Keyboard i quite easy to learn (before developing into a pro) and therefore makes me build my confidence. Thanks bro


teaching beginner guitar and some good sermon included.... = huge win! Great job and thanks 


Thank you so much for teaching me to play. I am a Chaplain at two Nursing homes, and I play piano for some of the services. I was not confident at all, but your method has helped me play the Older style hymns with confidence. I'm looking forward to watch some future videos,,,,may God richly bless you for sharing His joy!!


I want to thank you much I always wanted to play n I still think I can do it, but seeing yr videos it encourage me to do..I desire with all my heart bc in my quiet times that's how I want to praise my lord Jesus..GOD BLESS U FOR WHAT YR DOING.I bless you n yr family with the best of heaven..NUM 6:24-26


 Just wanted to thank you for sharing your talents and for the help you have been to me with guitar. God bless! 

Let's Share Jesus to this whole WORLD! 

 "For Christ came that we may have life and have it more abundantly!"  John 10:10