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I could never thank my parents enough for showing me what it's like to love the Lord with all your heart. Growing up I have seen both of my parents show unwavering faith in their walk with God.
No one has had a bigger impact on me musically than my mother, Peggy McCoy. As long as I can remember I would wake up and gospel music would be playing throughout our house. My mom has always inspired me with a close walk with the Lord that made it so real to me. She taught me that being in God's will is not about memorizing scripture or church attendance but totally about a personal daily walk withHim as Lord.  I've heard many people tell my mom they can feel the presence of God when they are around her and there couldn't be a more true statement than this. I asked her if I could post her cd's online for people to download for free and she simply replied, "Absolutely!" With that being said, I hope you enjoy her music and God speaks to you through these songs. God bless!

Peggy McCoy -Thank You 

God on the Mountain.mp3 God on the Mountain.mp3
Size : 3714.525 Kb
Type : mp3
I Bowed on my Knees.mp3 I Bowed on my Knees.mp3
Size : 6951.508 Kb
Type : mp3
Jesus You're Everything to Me.mp3 Jesus You're Everything to Me.mp3
Size : 5750.248 Kb
Type : mp3
I Know I've Been Sealed.mp3 I Know I've Been Sealed.mp3
Size : 7816.537 Kb
Type : mp3
Thinking About Home.mp3 Thinking About Home.mp3
Size : 5057.002 Kb
Type : mp3
Here I Am.mp3 Here I Am.mp3
Size : 4229.875 Kb
Type : mp3
Let's Meet By the River.mp3 Let's Meet By the River.mp3
Size : 5132.807 Kb
Type : mp3
Thank You.mp3 Thank You.mp3
Size : 7259.617 Kb
Type : mp3

Peggy McCoy - Peace Speaker

Yes I Know.mp3 Yes I Know.mp3
Size : 5947.096 Kb
Type : mp3
Peace Speaker.mp3 Peace Speaker.mp3
Size : 6259.484 Kb
Type : mp3
Roses Will Bloom Again.mp3 Roses Will Bloom Again.mp3
Size : 6179.4 Kb
Type : mp3
Calvary's the Reason Why.mp3 Calvary's the Reason Why.mp3
Size : 6191.016 Kb
Type : mp3
It Gets Sweeter As the Days Go By.mp3 It Gets Sweeter As the Days Go By.mp3
Size : 3554.357 Kb
Type : mp3
I'll Be Back.mp3 I'll Be Back.mp3
Size : 5654.881 Kb
Type : mp3
Wish You Were Here.mp3 Wish You Were Here.mp3
Size : 6471.004 Kb
Type : mp3
Only God Knows.mp3 Only God Knows.mp3
Size : 3858.188 Kb
Type : mp3
Dying to Live Again.mp3 Dying to Live Again.mp3
Size : 7292.018 Kb
Type : mp3
Search Me O God.mp3 Search Me O God.mp3
Size : 3780.549 Kb
Type : mp3

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***If this music has been a blessing to you or someone you know please consider donating to my family's charity Project 14 Global Missions. We are building a Bible college in Matagalpa Nicaragua.